The Finnish Book Publishers Association

What is the Finnish Book Publishers Association?

The Finnish Book Publishers Association is a non-profit cooperation body which promotes the common interests of its members as well as publishing, the distribution of literature, reading and freedom to publish in Finland.

The Association monitors its members` copyright interests, represents its members in Finland and abroad and works to develop international cooperation in the field. It maintains contacts with authorities, organizations and interest groups in the field, distributes information, supports research, issues statements and submits initiatives at the national level.


The Finnish Book Publishers Association is the oldest branch association in Finlad. It was established in 1858. Among the founders were many influential figures such as J.V. Snellman, Zacharias Topelius, Paavo Tikkanen ans F.W. Frenckell. In its first year the Association had 19 members, only six of which were actually publishers.

To begin with the Association focused on supporting the distribution of books and on creating a network of bookshops in the country. It was not until decades later that it took on other tasks to promote publishers`interests.

The Finnish Book Publishers Association and its members today

The Finnish Book Publishers Association now has more than a hundred members. Together they account for about 80 % of commercially published titles and over 75 % of book sales in Finland. The Association`s members publish almost 8,000 titles a year, over half of which are new titles. Total sales exceed e250 million a year. Publishers provide direct employment for about 1,000 people in Finland. This does not include those employed in printing and logistics.

How can a publisher join the Association

New members are approved by the Association`s general meeting, which is held in April and December. Any person or private corporation that is regularly engaged in commercial publishing and approves the Association`s purpose is eligible to join. Membership applications can be obtained from the Association`s office.

Membership fees depend on the number of new titles and book sales annually. In recent years the fee for the smallest members has been around 500 € a year.

What services does the Association offer its members?

  • general lobbying, such as issuing statements and acting as an expert in legislative work
  • counselling members in legal and other matters
  • comprehensive statistics and the production of information on book publishing
  • external and internal information
  • ensuring the availability of books
  • training activities
  • founding member of Kopiosto Reprographic Rights`Organization (RRO)
  • PR work for books and reading
  • Helsinki Book Fair associate
  • other PR campaings
  • international relations
    • Förläggarrådet (Nordic co-operation organ)
    • Federation of European Publishers
    • International Publishers Association
    • Joint stands at the Frankfurt and Bologna Book Fairs

The Finnish Book Foundation

The Finnish Book Foundation was established by the Finnish Book Publishers Association and the Ministry of Education in 1983. Its purpose is to promote Finnish book art and literature.

The Foundation is best known for its literary awards, most notably the Finlandia prizes for fiction, non-fiction and children´s literature, which amount to 30,000 € each. Other literary awards financed by the Foundation include the Little Finlandia, Alvar Renqvist, Eino Leino and Mikael Agricola prizes.

The oldest finnish book publishers

  • Finnish Bible Society 1812
  • Finnish Literature Society 1831
  • Edita 1859
  • Finnish Missionary Society 1859
  • Gummerus 1872
  • Weilin+Göös 1872
  • SLEY-Kirjat 1873
  • Kansanvalistusseura 1874
  • Werner Söderström (WSOY) 1878
  • Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland 1885
  • Otava 1890
  • Söderström & Co 1891
  • Herättäjä-yhdistys 1892
  • Kirjatoimi 1897
  • Karisto 1900
  • Schildts 1912
  • Aikamedia 1926
  • Kirjapaja 1942
  • Tammi 1943