Publishing in Finland

Reading is the super power of Finland! A publisher's job is to bring together books and their readers. We work in close cooperation with authors, translators and illustrators, rights agencies, as well as libraries and book stores.


Detailed data on books sales and publishing in Finland, collected from our member organisations.


Market Insights

The book market in Finland is doing well despite the corona crisis. Statistical insights on book sales and publishing rights, and notions on how reading has become the superpower of Finland.

Market Insights

Semi-annual Finnish Book Market Bulletin 2020

Finland made it through the first wave of coronavirus this spring mostly unscathed. Finns obeyed the rules set by the government and kept the spread of the virus in check. In isolation, people sought out the company of books. One in four Finns said they had read more than usual this spring.

Journalist Karo Hämäläinen reviews the exceptional year.

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Digital Leap in Schools

“Learning materials are so advanced that they genuinely support teachers in their work” – How the schools’ digital leap was done and what could be learnt from it

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