Market Insights

Find out why Finns read and what our visions for the future are!

The Finns’ love of books has remained firm despite socio-economic challenges. The rate of literacy is on a top level and reading is further motivated with campaigns and projects. Education is one of the cornerstones of the Finnish welfare society and equal right to education free of charge is offered for all. The value of Finnish literature export increased in 2019.

We believe in our superpower but what are our visions for the future of reading?

Market Insights Finland: Reading is the superpower!

The panel discussion was a part of the digital Frankfurt Buchmesse in October 2020.


  • Minna Castrén, Literary Director, Executive Director / Otava Publishing Company Ltd., Otava Book Foundation
  • Karo Hämäläinen, Journalist, author
  • Laura Karlsson, Director / Finnish Booksellers Association
  • Outi Mäkinen, Publishing Director / Tammi / Werner Söderström Ltd.
  • Sakari Laiho, Director /The Finnish Book Publishers Association
77% of Finns over 10 years have read a book during the last six months.  One in four Finnish people did more reading during the Covid spring. 80% of parents read aloud to their kids at least once a week.
Finns have always read a lot – especially to children.
Finland is number 7 in Pisa study 2018.
Finland remains one of the top countries of the world in learning results.
non-fiction and educational materials are the majority of book sales
So far, it seems the Finnish book market has not been hit hard by the pandemic.
top destination countries for Finnish book exports: USA, UK, Japan, Germany, China
More than half of the 7000 fiction titles published in Finland are translated fiction.